About Santi

DSF0519Of the many healing modalities available, Santi has chosen massage because of its proven effectiveness, and its positive influence on her own health. Receiving a massage relieves stress, bringing body awareness that encourages new choices to support one’s wellness and lifestyle. Every single touch informs us about our state of health and well-being.

Santi is not only dedicated to bringing relief from immediate (acute) and chronic body pain but also to helping your body find inner balance. Using a variety of massage styles, Sharon guides you into a sacred space of body, mind and spirit integration.


Sharon “Santi” Bass is certified in acupressure and massage therapy. Eight years of experience as a massage therapist and 10+ years as a martial arts practitioner gives Sharon a powerful gift of intuitive touch. Her blend of eastern and western modalities creates a unique experience of healing for each client she treats, tailored specifically to their needs.

Acupressure Practitioner Certification

Acupressure Institute: 150 hr.

Massage Therapist Certification

Trinity College: 730 hr.

Yoga Instructor Certification

Campyoga Teacher Training: 200 hr.

KRI kundalini yoga Teacher Training: 220 hr.

Certified Personal trainer (NASM)

TRX certified suspension Level 1

 Martial Arts

Suigetsukan Martial Arts

Black Belt – Second Degree (Nidan), Jujitsu

Black Belt – First Degree (Shodan), Aikido