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Mastering Scapular Push Ups: no.1 Techniques, Best Benefits, and Variations

Hey there, fitness enthusiast! Ever heard of scapular push ups? If not, you’re in for a treat. We’re diving into the world of this not-so-secret exercise that can level up your upper body game. Forget complicated gym jargon; we’re breaking it down in simple terms. Get ready to unlock the power of scapular push-ups as we explore what they are, why they matter, creative ways to do them, and the art of doing them just right.

Getting Up Close with Scapular Push Ups

Picture this: scapular push-ups are like a secret handshake for your upper body muscles. Instead of regular push-ups, which focus on your chest and arms, scapular push-ups zoom in on the muscles around your shoulder blades and upper back. These muscles are like the superheroes of posture and shoulder stability. So, when you rock scapular push-ups, you’re basically giving your upper body an all-access pass to strength and awesomeness.

The Marvelous Perks of Scapular Push Ups

  1. Stand Tall and Proud: In a world of hunching over screens, scapular push ups are your ticket to perfect posture. Strengthen those muscles, and you’ll be standing tall like a champ.
  2. Happy Shoulders, Happy Life: Say goodbye to those nagging shoulder pains. Scapular push-ups keep your shoulder movements smooth and pain-free, saving you from any superhero shoulder drama.
  3. Unleash Your Inner Hercules: Scapular push-ups aren’t just any exercise – they’re like a secret training session for your upper back. All those muscles working together make you feel like a fitness superhero.
  4. Bodyguard for Your Shoulders: If your daily activities involve a lot of shoulder action, like lifting heavy stuff or swimming like a mermaid, scapular push-ups are your body’s bouncers, making sure everything stays in check.
  5. Move Like a Ninja: Flexible shoulders are like a secret weapon. Scapular push ups help you move with ninja-like agility, making everyday tasks smoother and easier.

Mastering the Art of Scapular Push Ups

Hold your horses before you start busting out those scapular push ups. Make sure you’re cool with regular push-ups and your shoulders are on good terms with mobility. Now, let’s break it down:

Step 1: The Starting Line

Get into a plank position – you know, like the top of a push-up. Your hands should be a smidge wider than your shoulders. Keep your body in a straight line from your noggin to your heels, and give those abs a little squeeze for extra support.

Step 2: Shoulder Magic

Imagine you’ve got a pencil between your shoulder blades. Now, use your magic powers to pull those blades toward each other. That’s the secret sauce – keeping those shoulders pulled in throughout the whole exercise.

Step 3: Take It Low

Now, slowly lower your body towards the floor, while still holding onto that shoulder blade squeeze. Keep those elbows hugging your sides as you go.

Step 4: Rise and Shine

Time to rise back up, all while still keeping those shoulder blades pulled together. Voila! You just nailed a scapular push-up.

Reps and Sets: Aim for around 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 scapular push-ups. Quality over quantity is the name of the game. As you get comfy, you can dial up the reps to add a challenge.

Avoid These Slip-Ups

scapular push ups
  1. No Back Bends Allowed: Keep your body in a straight line, superhero style. No arching that lower back.
  2. Shoulder Blade Party: Don’t forget to keep those shoulder blades pinched together throughout the entire exercise. It’s like your upper body’s secret handshake.
  3. Easy Does It: Slow and steady wins the race. Control your movements, and forget about speed. Quick moves won’t do your form any favors.

Mixing It Up with Awesome Variations

  1. Beginner’s Friend: If scapular push ups seem daunting, give them a boost by doing them with your hands on a raised surface, like a step. It’s like a friendly intro to the exercise.
  2. Level Up: Feeling brave? Place your feet on a raised surface, and let your hands stay on the ground. This cranks up the intensity, making your upper body work extra hard.
  3. Team Effort: If scapular push-ups are putting up a fight, call in the reinforcements. Use a stretchy band or ask a buddy to give you a hand with the push-up motion.
  4. Dynamic Duo: Spice things up by alternating between squeezing and letting go of your shoulder blades during the push-up. Your shoulders will thank you for the extra groove.

Seamless Integration into Your Routine

Ready to make scapular push ups a part of your fitness fiesta? Here’s a sample upper body workout to get you going:

  1. Warm-Up: Warm up with 5 to 10 minutes of light cardio and some fun dynamic stretches.
  2. Scapular Push-Ups: Dive in with 3 sets of around 12 scapular push-ups.
  3. Regular Push-Ups: Transition into 3 sets of about 10 classic push-ups.
  4. Row Your Boat: Tackle 3 sets of 12 bent-over rows using dumbbells or bands.
  5. Shoulder Power: Amp it up with 3 sets of 10 shoulder presses using dumbbells or a barbell.
  6. Pull Like a Pro: Add 3 sets of 12 lat pulldowns on a cable machine for a complete upper body experience.
  7. Cool Down: Wind down with 5 to 10 minutes of gentle stretches for your shoulders, chest, and upper back.

Remember, it’s your journey, so go at your own pace. If scapular push-ups are new to you, ease in with fewer sets and reps. As you grow more comfortable, you can raise the stakes little by little.

The Final Stretch

Scapular push ups might sound like something out of a fitness fairy tale, but they’re real, and they’re ready to level up your upper body strength. By giving these exercises a shot and paying attention to your form, you’re setting yourself up for smoother shoulder movements and greater stability. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who just loves feeling stronger, scapular push ups are your ticket to unlocking an awesome upper body. So, grab that exercise mat and get ready to rock those scapular push-ups like a true fitness champion.


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