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The Health Consequences of Vabbing: Exploring the 1 of the most Effective Impacts on Health and Well-being


Yes, It’s a word that combines “private parts” and “dabbing” –
it refers to pressing the moistures of your private parts onto your body as if they were drops of a pleasant fragrance.
It is thought to make you more attractive to others.
Essentially, vabbing means putting a few drops of your own private parts’ fluids on your pulse points, like wrists and neck, to help draw possible partners’ attention to you,
similar to a type of perfume.


TikTok user Jewliah has shared multiple videos about her vabbing practice and the successful results.
With drinks in hand, she entertains, compliments, and grabs attention, claiming that priming exercises have transformed her life.

So how did vabbing begin?


Well, although it’s a trend started on tiktok, its earliest mentions in pop culture were in Tom Robbins’ 1976 novel “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.
” In the book, a lesbian character guides a stage-by-stage guide to vabbing.
But this act gained waves after being mentioned in a November 2018 podcast episode of Carly Aquilino and Emma Willmann’s “Secret Keepers Club,” two comedic actresses.
In an episode of their show, they discussed a friend who used their perspiration as a “colon” cologne, prompting listeners to try their own version of the experiment.


Positive results emerged, and voila, the legend of vabbing lived on.
Now this practice is being popularized with TikTok, aiming to boost “natural human pheromones.”
More and more people are spinning around.

But can you really attract a partner through the moistures of your private parts?

Well, Evva Greer, an assistant professor of biology at Boston University, says it’s complicated.
Greer, whose research focuses on the evolution of pheromones in primates, explains that while others can be attracted to your natural scent,
pheromones are not necessarily playing a role in that attraction.

Why are people vabbing at gym?

Because the gym is a great place to meet potential matches, and you’re in close proximity to many people,
your enticing fragrance implies that you’re more potent in the gym.
It’s no wonder that combining vab juice with TikTok is creating a spell that captivates people.
However, now people are criticizing this trend even more because touching gym equipment is considered unsanitary in a way.
After shaking hands there (assuming the person hasn’t washed their hands).

Vabbing at gym

Is Vabbing safe or dangerous?

Vabbing is not healthy.
Doctors have cautioned against the viral trend on TikTok; here’s what it means and why you shouldn’t do it:.
Doctors say there is very little evidence supporting this type of behavior in humans and warn that this trend poses serious risks of infections in private parts, including thrush..

Vabbing cause infection

Dr. Paraskevi Dimitriadis, a private gynecologist in London, told Mail Online that it could also be a cause of fertility issues.
Bacteria on women’s fingers can lead to bacterial infections, spreading from the anus to other organs.
It can be a cause of fallopian tube blockages, making it difficult for fertilized eggs to reach the uterus.

The concept of Pheromones exists in animals:

Dr. Uma Vaidya Nathan, an eye and laparoscopic surgeon specializing in diseases at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh,
clarified and dismissed such claims, saying that the fluids from private parts “should be left alone, so please refrain from using them as fragrances.”
“The concept of pheromones exists in animals! But we are an evolved species.
There is no scientific basis for all these trends. If someone maintains their personal hygiene, they will be noticed and it will captivate people,” the doctor explained.


Agrees with this, Dr. Swati Ray, a neuro and gynae consultant at Noida’s Aradhya Neuro & Gyane Clinic and Cloudnine Hospital,
says that discharging from private parts is a normal thing.
However, to vab, you need to introduce your finger inside your private parts, which can increase the risk of infection there.

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