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Whole30 Snacks Ideas: 20 Delicious and Nourishing Options for Your Journey

Here are 22 simple and nutritious Whole30 Snacks ideas for the Whole30 program:

Apple and Cashew Butter Sandwich

While peanut butter is not allowed in the Whole30 program so not in whole30 snacks, other nut butters like cashew butter are allowed. Spread a tablespoon (16 grams) of cashew butter on sliced apples, sandwich them together, and enjoy.

Whole30 Snacks

Deviled Turmeric Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are transformed into deviled eggs by mixing the yolks with mayo, mustard, apple cider vinegar, black pepper, and salt. Turmeric can be added to enhance their nutritional value.

Chocolate Energy Balls

The official Whole30 plan doesn’t include snacks, but you can occasionally incorporate compliant ingredients like dates, cashews, and cocoa powder into homemade treats that align with the program’s principles.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a nutrient-rich whole30 snacks or breakfast option that can keep you satisfied between meals. They’re high in protein, healthy fats, magnesium, and zinc.

Avocado Hummus with Bell Peppers

Chickpeas are restricted on Whole30 , but you can create a hummus-like dip using avocado, cooked cauliflower, and other approved ingredients. Pair it with bell pepper strips for a tasty combination.

Complete Whole30 Bento Box

Bento boxes are divided containers designed to hold different components of a meal. Create a variety of 30 different meals in your bento box for a fulfilling breakfast experience. For instance, boiled eggs with mixed veggies and guacamole or leftover chicken salad with diced peaches.

Coconut Yogurt Parfait

Coconut yogurt is a creamy, dairy-free alternative that pairs well with pureed pumpkin. It’s rich in healthy fats and can be enhanced with carrot sticks for added nutrients.

Sweet Potato Toast with Mashed Avocado

Sweet potato toast is a healthy option for those looking for a complete 30-approved alternative to regular bread. Just follow this easy recipe.

This root vegetable is a great source of essential nutrients, including fiber, carotenoids, and vitamin C. Mashed avocado with thinly toasted slices of sweet potato creates a delicious combination, especially with mixed greens (6 trusted sources).

To enhance the flavor, top your sweet potato toast with mashed avocado with a drizzle of lemon juice, a sprinkle of sea salt, and a dash of crushed red pepper flakes.

Onion and Chayote Mixed Berry Bowl

Mixed berry bowls are packed with nutrients and provide a plant-based protein source. Research suggests that having mixed berry bowls for breakfast can contribute to weight loss and satiety, making it an excellent choice for those aiming to shed pounds on the complete 30 plan (7 trusted sources, 8 trusted sources, 9 trusted sources).

This chayote and onion mixed berry bowl is certainly satisfying, meeting your cravings with a flavorful twist and serving as a complete 30-approved alternative to chips.

Stuffed Bell Pepper

Stuffed bell peppers not only make a nutritious meal but also a delightful snack. Bell peppers are low in calories and contain fiber, vitamin C, provitamin A, B vitamins, and potassium (10 trusted sources). Filling them with protein sources like ground chicken or turkey is a great way to keep you satisfied throughout the day.

Try out this complete 30-compliant stuffed bell pepper recipe, packed with nutritious ingredients.

Air-Fried Carrot Fries

While sweet and regular potatoes are commonly used to make fries, carrots are a healthier alternative. Carrots have fewer calories and carbohydrates compared to potatoes, making them an excellent choice for those who opt for low-carb options after the complete 30 (11 trusted sources, 12 trusted sources).

This recipe utilizes a complete 30-friendly almond flour coating to create extra crispy carrot fries, perfect as a snack or side dish.

Canned Salmon Delight

Canned or packaged salmon is a concentrated source of protein, anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. It makes for a nutritious breakfast for those following the pescatarian diet (13 trusted sources, 14 trusted sources).

Furthermore, it’s a convenient and easy breakfast option that can be enjoyed on the go. Opt for sustainably sourced canned salmon products online.

Mixed Berry Chia Pudding

When you’re in the mood for something sweet during the complete 30 plan, chia pudding with mixed berries is a great alternative to sugary treats.

Chia seeds provide fiber, healthy fats, and protein, which combine with the natural sweetness of mixed berries in this delightful recipe.

Dried Tomato and Poached Egg Arugula Salad

Salads are not only nutritious but also versatile, making them a great choice for a healthy Whole30 breakfast (15 trusted sources).

Arugula, a leafy green, is rich in carotenoids, glucosinolates, and vitamin C, providing antioxidant benefits. For a unique breakfast, try mixing a handful of fresh arugula with poached eggs and dried tomatoes on top of your complete 30 journey.

Banana and Nut Butter Rounds

Bananas are a filling option on their own, but pairing them with protein-rich nut butter creates a delicious and satisfying snack.

Nut butter, especially almond butter, is a great source of plant-based protein and contains significant amounts of magnesium, essential for metabolism and immune function. It also helps protect against cellular damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals.

For a tasty snack, simply slice a banana into rounds and top each round with a dollop of nut butter. You can also sprinkle some cocoa nibs for a chocolatey twist. If you like, you can freeze them too!

Collard Greens and Chicken Spring Rolls

Collard greens are packed with vitamins and minerals, and using rice-based traditional spring roll wraps makes for a great whole30 snacks alternative.

This recipe combines nutrient-rich collard greens with chicken breast and almond butter dipping sauce, following the Whole30 guidelines.

Creamy Tuna Salad on Avocado Boats

Tuna is an excellent choice for breakfast during the Whole30 program, being protein-packed and conveniently portable.

Try making a tuna salad with Whole30-approved mayo and enjoy it on halved avocados for a satisfying and nourishing start to your day.

Stuffed Sweet Potato Nachos

Though regular tortilla chips aren’t allowed on the Whole30 program and also in whole30 snacks, you can create delicious nachos using sweet potatoes as the base.

Top finely sliced baked sweet potato rounds with guacamole, minced chicken, onion, and chopped nuts for a flavorful and nutrient-rich snack.

Plantain Chips and Cabbage Hummus

Plantains, also known as cooking bananas, are a starchy fruit that makes them a great option for those who prefer grain-free foods like Whole30. They can be made into chips and paired with flavorful hummus.

Follow this simple recipe and combine your homemade plantain chips with cabbage-based hummus for a unique and delicious snack.

Ready-to-Drink Soup

Vegetable soups are a convenient and nourishing breakfast option on the Whole30 program, and you can find pre-made soups online or at specialty stores.

Brands like Medi-Wellness offer a range of compliant drinkable soups, including banana-acai, carrot-ginger-turmeric, and beet-orange-basil flavors.

Trail Mix with Almonds, Coconut Flakes, and Dried Cherries

A homemade trail mix is one of the easiest and versatile snacks to prepare on the Whole30 plan.

Almonds, cherries, and coconut flakes are nutrient-dense ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Packaged Snacks, last words on whole30 snacks

If you’re looking for convenience, the Whole30 website provides a helpful section listing pre-packaged meal options that are compliant with the program’s guidelines.

Remember that while snacks like hard-boiled eggs, mixed dried fruits, nuts, and packaged trail mixes can be found in more accessible stores, they aren’t explicitly recommended on the Whole30 program.

It’s always a good idea to explore various options and find the snacks that best suit your preferences and dietary needs within the Whole30 guidelines.

Hope these whole30 snacks will help your this diet journey.

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